Production of HGH

Children have the most active HGH production. That’s just the way nature intended it to be as children need this hormone for body growth and development. But from age 0 till old age, the body’s natural ability to produce HGH progressively gets lost so that by age 20, your body produces half of what it used to and by age 60, the body can only produce about 20% of the substance.

Research studies since the 1960s point to HGH as being the prime driver that enable kids to grow up, and its eventual decline over the years accounts for the phenomenon in humans called aging. HGH for sale on HGHdeal.

HGH is essential and critical in the development of the human body in children. But it is also needed by adults for the proper metabolism of the foods we eat especially fat and sugar.

It is also needed in the repair of tissues, recovery of expended energy, maintaining bone density and strength, skin health and a healthy nervous and immune system.

In short, the adult body needs HGH like it needs water and air to maintain proper body functioning. More importantly, maintaining it without showing the wear of age and getting more of HGH does exactly that.

Losing the mechanism to produce HGH involve more than just the Pituitary gland

From birth up until age 20-25, the human body’s ability to produce HGH declines sharply and with clockwork steadiness as can be seen from the graph.

By age 30, people have lost about 80% of the body’s ability to naturally produce the substance and from there on, the aging process takes a firmer hold.

Skin starts to show fine lines and wrinkles, hair thins out, sexual libido starts to diminish and the onset of fatigue gets earlier from activities we used to take for granted.

The body starts to accumulate fat because its metabolic processes to burn fat and sugar are waning. In short, with only 20% of the HGH levels we used to have, we start to feel our age.

Increasing HGH in Adults

The modern preoccupation with HGH stems from its purported anti-aging properties that have clear health benefits to adults with diminished natural HGH production levels.

Elsewhere on this site, the benefits of HGH supplementation are discussed.

There are currently two effective ways to supplement your body’s declining HGH production. One is through prescriptive HGH injection. But this is a medical treatment to correct hormone deficiency.

HGH is one of the most tightly regulated substances in the industry and there are only a couple of occasions when HGH injections are allowed by the FDA. One is to treat GED or Growth Hormone Deficiency which is often diagnosed in pediatric cases for kids with stunted growth or adults whose blood tests show a marked deficiency.

Second is to treat diseases such as the wasting syndrome in AIDS cases, intrauterine growth retardation, Prader Willi syndrome, Turner’s Syndrome, Cachexia and chronic renal problems.

Outside of these, prescription for HGH injection is illegal and is punishable by imprisonment of not more than 4 years, fines of up to $250,000 for an individual doctor or up to half a million for an organization.

Increasing HGH levels With HGH Diet Supplements

The other option is the safer but less effective route using HGH diet supplements. Supplementation takes the form of HGH releasers that do not contain any recombinant Somatotrophin.

Scientists have long known that the anterior pituitary gland responsible for producing HGH is triggered by yet another set of body chemicals that command and supervise the gland’s HGH secretion.

In street language, HGH releasers are also known as HGH boosters, enhancers, stimulators and activators. These HGH releasers take any form like HGH spray, capsules, and powder and are formulated to induce the production of more HGH naturally when absorbed by the body and are therefore safe.

Any other form of supplementation such a homeopathic treatment, sublingual sprays or ingestible capsules containing the Somatotrophin HGH are a total waste of money as HGH cannot be absorbed in the digestive tract or any part of the skin or mucosal tissues like the nose or mouth.

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